Turbo charge your tap water

water is lifeThe recent finding that 90% of bottled water is contaminated with micro plastics (The Guardian, March 2018) has meant many people who were drinking bottled water have now returned to sourcing it from the tap. Bottled water has many modern advantages – its portability and convenience being two big ones, and frequently producers will put additives into their water and suggest that it is better for us than normal H2O. This post is about how frequency and intention can be used to ‘turbo charge’ tap water.

As water is now widely believed not only to record information but to also hold intention (see the main H2O web page here), sound frequency is commonly used in many forms of alternative healing medicine in order to treat patient complaints. Some frequencies have even made it into mainstream NHS treatments where sound is used to dissolve kidney stones by pulverising them so they break down and can then be harmlessly passed (NHS link here).

Adding sound frequency to water

Some months ago I published the results of an experiment where two trays of cress were grown side by side, ‘normal’ water was used on one, whilst the water used on the other was exposed to a frequency of 417Hz. The results were dramatic – the growth and health of the 417Hz cress was significant improved (see the experiment here).

metaphysical sound frequency

Turbo charging your water

417Hz is just one example of a way water can be ‘turbo charged’. By using intention and different sound frequencies many So can anything similar be done

Try these frequencies

  • To dislodge and remove negative vibrations from your energetic body, try 417Hz (read how here).
  • To ground yourself after a hectic day use the Grounding exercise from the sound healing part of the Vibration Database.
  • To “walk your walk and talk your talk“, start speaking your truth – use 741Hz
  • Harmonize and soften harsh aspects of communication during a Mercury retrograde cycle – use the ‘Planetary Orbits Mercury’ setting in the Vibration Database.

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