Turbo charge your tap water

water is lifeThe recent finding that 90% of bottled water is contaminated with micro plastics (The Guardian, March 2018) has meant many people who were drinking bottled water have now returned to sourcing it from the tap. Bottled water has many modern advantages – its portability and convenience being two big ones, and frequently producers will put additives into their water and suggest that it is better for us than normal H2O. This post is about how frequency and intention can be used to ‘turbo charge’ tap water.

As water is now widely believed not only to record information but to also hold intention (see the main H2O web page here), sound frequency is commonly used in many forms of alternative healing medicine in order to treat patient complaints. Some frequencies have even made it into mainstream NHS treatments where sound is used to dissolve kidney stones by pulverising them so they break down and can then be harmlessly passed (NHS link here).

Adding sound frequency to water

Some months ago I published the results of an experiment where two trays of cress were grown side by side, ‘normal’ water was used on one, whilst the water used on the other was exposed to a frequency of 417Hz. The results were dramatic – the growth and health of the 417Hz cress was significant improved (see the experiment here).

metaphysical sound frequency

Turbo charging your water

417Hz is just one example of a way water can be ‘turbo charged’. By using intention and different sound frequencies many So can anything similar be done

Try these frequencies

  • To dislodge and remove negative vibrations from your energetic body, try 417Hz (read how here).
  • To ground yourself after a hectic day use the Grounding exercise from the sound healing part of the Vibration Database.
  • To “walk your walk and talk your talk“, start speaking your truth – use 741Hz
  • Harmonize and soften harsh aspects of communication during a Mercury retrograde cycle – use the ‘Planetary Orbits Mercury’ setting in the Vibration Database.

Download Links

Download the H2O app and get access to lots more sound frequency settings.
The H2O app is free to download.

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Website homepage: http://h2oapp.online/
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Sa Re Ga – Sound Healing Chant

Sa Re Ga is a specialist sound file given to the H2O App and created by the UK’s College of Sound Healing. It is found in the H2O App’s Vibrational Database and is excellent for both removing energetic blockages from the back and also full body chakra work.

sound healing

It’s a 3 minute audio file that uses the sounds of the Indian Scale to move energy up the chakras. This helps to release energy that is blocked in the spine. This practice also balances the chakras.

Sa Re Ga can be used by chanting along with the other participants – begin by toning ‘SA’ to connect with the base chakra, then sing the scale up the chakras, or you can put the energetic vibrations into water in the usual way.

  • SA (Sah) – Crown Chakra
  • NI (Nee) – Soma Chakra (between the third eye and the crown)
  • DHA (Dah) – Third Eye Chakra
  • PA (Pah) – Throat Chakra
  • MA (Mah) – Heart Chakra
  • GA (Gah) – Solar Plexus Chakra
  • RE (Ray) – Sacral Chakra
  • SA (Sah) – Base Chakra

Enjoy. Love and light to all.

Major Update to Vibration Database

Meditating to the H2O AppMarch 1st 2018 sees the addition of 7 brand new sound files to the H2O App’s Vibration Database from The College of Sound Healing. Sound healing is an ancient practice that was used by all of the major ancient civilisations and is still practiced today by many people who practice holistic healing. It uses the voice as the main tool to create healing tones that are sympathetic to our energy body’s requirements.

Many users of the App enjoy it not only to program vibrations into water but also as a standalone healing tool – for example, many people meditate and chant whilst listening to both the Chakra Tones and the Solfeggio Tones. This is sound healing.

College of Sound HealingThe update includes these 7 new sound healing files

1. Four Directions Chant – Honouring the 4 sacred directions of the Medicine Wheel
2. Gong Bath – Multi-dimensional sounds courtesy of a variety of different gongs. Lay down, relax, close your eyes and press >Play
3. Grounding – At the end of any sound healing it’s always good to finish with a grounding exercise to integrate the energies.
4. Harmonics Exercise – Vocal harmonics that take us into altered states of consciousness.
5. Himalayan Bowls – Multiple bowls creating a wide range of harmonic overtones to produce sounds that have a healing effect on the body, mind and spirit.
6. Sa Re Ga – Using the Indian Scale to release blocked energy around our chakras
7. Toning – Toning different vowel sounds at specific frequencies to relax the body

Downloading the App

Click to get the App on the Apple StoreClick to get the app on Google Store

Website homepage: http://h2oapp.online/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theh2oapp/

You can download and use the App for free, except the Vibration Database part which has to be bought.

If you’ve already bought the Vibration Database, you don’t have to buy it again to get the updates, you can download them automatically.

A Neptune Meditation with the H2O App

Neptune meditation with the H2O appTo the followers of ancient wisdom, Neptune is the powerful god that rules the oceans and seas, whose vast depths we still do not fully know. Neptune symbolises our individual connection with what we perceive as the Divine and represents a spark of infinity somewhere deep within us. His three pronged trident was adopted as the planet Neptune’s astrological symbol.

In psychological terms, the oceans governed by Neptune represent our collective unconscious in which all beings participate. By it’s very nature – unconsciousness – this mysterious realm can be understood best through our dreams, intuition or deep immersion in meditative states.

In these days of Saturnic domination (see this interesting video by David Icke), the planet Neptune brings a welcome contrast to Saturn’s love of structure and discipline, by dissolving his controlling seriousness and replacing it with an intuitive imagination that brings formlessness and a complete loss of ego.

DissolvingIf you practice meditation in any form, the altered state of consciousness produced by inner contemplation is symbolised by Neptune. So is the altered state of consciousness produced by drugs or alcohol. There are many shades of the Neptunian experience.

Neptune rules the astrological sign of Pisces and takes a little under 165 years to orbit the sun. The planet currently resides in it’s ruling house which means it is currently very powerful for any types of meditation and astrological magic you may choose to do. You can use the H2O App’s Neptune sound frequency (found in the Vibration Database) to attune yourself to the planetary frequency of Neptune.

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Our Relationship with Water

a water dropIn this article we look our relationship with water, how modern methods have removed it from the natural Water Cycle and instead packaged it into a sterile commodity that can be bought from a supermarket.

We will then see how the Inca’s were able to tap into the Water Cycle to both provide drinking water and irrigate crops on the streets of Ollantaytambo in Peru. Finally we will look at the H2O App and learn how to put  beneficial energetic vibrations into water.

Why Natural Water is Important

Look at this graphic of the Water Cycle and you’ll realise that in nature, water is in a constant flow: it is always moving. Perhaps it’s evaporating in the sunlight or falling from the clouds, perhaps it’s seeping into the ground or being carried along by a river. Whatever the stage of the water cycle, the water is always moving.

the Water Cycle

Now consider the water flowing around our planet to the blood flowing around your body. Each do the same thing, containing minerals, nutrients and compounds that nourish and develop. Both water and blood play an essential part in the eternal cycle of life, death and rebirth. Water is the lifeblood of planet Earth.

Modern storage methods ‘kill’ water

It’s a pity then that in the ‘civilised’ world, we’ve taken nature out of our water by treating it with chemicals such as fluoride and storing it in containers that prevent movement. We’ve removed nature from our water: there’s no movement, no evaporation, no precipitation, no flow. The result is water that is sterile and sanitised, ‘lifeless’.

Living Water

By reintroducing water back into nature it immediately becomes part of the Water Cycle again and is vibrant and alive.

I recently filmed this fine example of living water on the streets of the historic Inca city of Ollantaytambo, Peru where the water flows naturally through the town’s streets and gathers into flow forms that hold the water but keep it moving naturally. These systems not only provide flowing natural water to the inhabitants of the town, they also providing an effective means of irrigation for the agricultural crops grown, all whilst mimicking nature by keeping the water moving.

Put some life back into your water

These days most of us have to get our water from either the tap or from bottles. Both these storage methods are unnatural. So instead of drinking this water straight from the tap or bottle, why not put some natural energy back into it first?

Masaru EmotoIn the words of the great water pioneer Masuro Emoto, “Water records information, and while circulating throughout the earth distributes information. This water sent from the universe is full of the information of life… Understanding the fact that we are essentially water is the key to uncovering the mysteries of the universe.”

Emoto discovered that water carries memory, and can be programmed. Watch some mind blowing videos on this sites homepage here.

Using what Emoto discovered we can program water by using specific sound frequencies to place positive energetic vibrations into water. We can then drink this water and benefit from those positive energetic vibrations.

Using the free H2O App

H2O app on iPhone and Samsung GalaxyThe H2O app uses sound frequencies to put beneficial energetic vibrations into water.

You may like to focus on radiating love and kindness through your heart chakra with a frequency of 729Hz, or use a mystic Solfeggio tone of 852Hz to further develop your intuition.  You may have a headache you want to treat by using a frequency of 144Hz.

Simply download the app and follow the instructions:

Click to get the App on the Apple StoreClick to get the app on Google Store

Website homepage: http://h2oapp.online/
Facebook – Please follow us: https://www.facebook.com/theh2oapp/

Have you tried the cress experiment yet?

Growing cress seeds using a frequency of 419Hz has a visibly beneficial effect on growth – try it yourself! – See here http://h2oapp.online/effects-of-sound-frequency-on-cress/

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The dramatic effects of sound frequency on growing Cress seeds

Experiment in growing cress using water programmed to 417Hz (small pic)(Click photo to enlarge)

Take 2 identical trays of cress seeds. Water one with normal mineral water, and the other with the same water but first expose it for one minute to a sound frequency of 417Hz.
The Result: The cress seeds exposed to the 417Hz frequency grow better and more prolifically…

In a recent blog post (here) I discussed how to use the Solfeggio frequency of 417Hz to successfully clear a room of negative energy using the H2O App.

Encouraged by the results of this test I decided to see what would happen if I grew some cress seeds with water programmed to 417Hz. I’m now almost two weeks into the experiment and here are the results so far…

The Experiment

Monday 24/7/17 – Experiment Started

I bought some mineral water from a local supermarket and set up two identical trays, both lined with kitchen roll to retain the moisture and sprinkled cress seeds in both.
Both trays are watered daily with mineral water, but before I water the second tray, I program it with a frequency of 417Hz.

Saturday 29/7/17
5 days into the experiment and you can already see a noticeable difference:

Cress experiment with structured water photo 1 (sml)(Click to enlarge the photo)

Thursday 3/8/17
10 days in…

Cress experiment with structured water photo 2 (sml)(Click to enlarge)

Programming sound into water using the H2O appHow did I program the water ?

I poured a small amount into a plastic cup, opened the H2O water programming App and choose the Solfeggio menu option.
Solfeggio Tones > 417Hz – RE Letting the Past Go > Time: 1 minute
I then stood the cup on the phone, turned the volume up, set the intention to clear any negative energy from the water and played the tone. This sent the frequency of 417Hz into the water, programming it.

Solfeggio 417Hz - RE | H2O appWhy the 417Hz frequency?

417Hz is a frequency associated with change – clearing negativity and unwanted energy. By using it on water I am clearing the unwanted energy that the water has accumulated since being taken from the natural spring where it was sourced. So rather than ‘supercharging’ the water with a positive frequency, I am removing the negative energies from it and returning it to it’s natural state.

A packet of cress seedsTry it yourself

It’s an easy experiment to do and will cost you very little, but more importantly you’ll prove to yourself that frequency programmed into water has visible effects. The implications of this are jaw dropping. Water is everywhere, by programming it with love and gratitude we can raise the cosmic consciousness of the planet. Think about it.


The H2O app is a free download and you can get it here:

Click to get the App on the Apple StoreClick to get the app on Google Store

Website homepage: http://h2oapp.online/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theh2oapp/

Further extremely interesting reading

Numerically the Solfeggio tones all reduce down to a 3, 6 or 9 (eg. 417 = 4+1+7 = 12 = 1+2 + 3, 528 = 5+2+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6, 639 = 6+3+9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9).

Nikola Tesla, the genius of the late 19th and early 20th century whose work was suppressed by first JP Morgan and then the US Government said the following: “If you only knew the magnificence of the three, the six and the nine… then you would have a key to the universe.”

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How to ground yourself using the Schumann Resonances

stressMany of us live busy, hectic and stressful lives with less and less time being available to us to properly relax, unwind and de-stress. Once the daily grind is over and our chores are done, most of us just want to zone out and have some ‘me time’.

Ideally we could get out into nature and ground ourselves properly by reconnecting with all she has to offer. This is a great way to de-stress, but many of us are so tired that we just flop down in front of our TVs and phones and try to disconnect that way. This is a poor substitute though as we are still surrounded by most of the things that are stressing us out ! plus we have the added programming from our TV, the regular beeps from our phone and the electro smog in the form of mobile and Wi-Fi signals that surround us.

With all this is it any surprise that many of us are ungrounded?

So, how do you know if you’re ungrounded?

Here are some symptoms –

  1. You find it difficult to focus and are tetchy and irritable
  2. There are not enough hours in the day
  3. You’ve so much stuff to do !
  4. It’s difficult for you to switch off
  5. You start new projects before finishing old ones
  6. You are easily distracted and forgetful

Now let me tell you about the Schumann Resonances…

The Schumann Resonances are the Earth’s naturally generated electro-magnetic frequencies that surround us. For those of us who subscribe to the planet as a living and conscious being, the Schumann Resonances represent the ‘heartbeat’ of Mother Earth herself, and as such they have a direct effect on all life on planet Earth.

Unfortunately with the advent of Wi-Fi, smart metres, 3G, 4G and now 5G phone signals, most built up areas have high amounts of electro-smog that interfere with our energetic bodies. Getting out into nature means we escape from much of this electro-smog allowing our energetic bodies to breathe again and us to ground ourselves.

ground yourself in natureGround yourself in nature

Grounding yourself will reconnect you to Earth energy and make you feel balanced again. The easiest way to do this is to enjoy a slow relaxing walk in nature. Go the the seaside, the woods or a park. Take time to look around and touch the trees and plants. Slow down. Look at the beauty of the flowers. Watch how the water in the stream moves effortlessly across the stones and rocks in it’s path. There is a lesson here. Life shouldn’t be a struggle, it should just flow. Reconnect. Your mood will lift. You’ll feel calmer, more relaxed and yes, grounded. If you can, take your shoes and socks off and actually feel the earth on the soles of your feet, what a wonderfully connecting feeling!

Using the H2O App to ground yourself

Using the H2O app to program crystals
Above: Programming some black obsidian, citrine and amethyst crystals with the H20 app. Use the 3 minute setting when programming.

Many of us lead busy lives and can’t get out into nature at the end of the day. So, another way of grounding ourselves is to use the H2O app and program some water or crystals with the Schumann Resonances.

As quartz crystal is a natural frequency amplifier, you might like to program the Schumann Resonances into a crystal and carry it around with you. The more energy sensitive you become the more you’ll feel the Schumann Resonances simply by holding a programmed crystal.

Using the App

Premium: Get the full benefit of all 5 main Schumann Resonances simultaneously by using the Vibration Database (Main Menu > Vibration Database > Schumann Resonances)

Free: The ‘main’ Schumann frequency is 7.83Hz, if you don’t want to use the premium Vibration Database, use the Custom Vibration option instead with a value of 7.83Hz. (Main Menu > Custom Vibration)

For full instructions and demonstrations of how to program crystals and water go to the H2O homepage here.

Tip: Try carrying a programmed crystal &/or drinking programmed water for 21 days and see the difference.

i can't hearDon’t worry if you can’t hear anything when you use the App with the Schumann Resonances  as they are very low frequency sounds that are almost impossible to hear. You can feel them though – attach a vibration speaker to a plastic beaker of water, press play and you’ll feel the vibrations traveling through the water.

Download links

Click to get the App on the Apple StoreClick to get the app on Google Store

Treating Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) with sound

A friend told me yesterday that she believed she had the early symptoms of a urinary tract infection or UTI. A very common UTI is cystitis and since she’s suffered from it in the past she was keen to nip the infection in bud to prevent it developing.

UTI symptoms
She usually treats UTI’s by significantly increasing her water intake and drinking lots of cranberry juice, and this time wondered if there was also a sound frequency that could be used.

Using the App’s ‘Custom Vibration’ option I chose two frequencies to play concurrently, 1550Hz and 246Hz. Three times daily I am using 200ml of distilled water and putting these frequencies into it, she is drinking the water as soon as it is programmed.


Treating a headache with the H2O App

HeadacheWhilst I was developing the idea for this App, I had a couple of weeks where I was suffering from headaches.

I wanted to see if I could treat the headache with a water frequency instead.

I knew that a frequency of 144Hz was often beneficial so I used what was to become the App’s ‘Custom Vibration’ option to put that frequency into the water.

I used approximately 200ml of distilled water and a programming time of 30 seconds. Immediately after the programming was finished I drank the water. You can use any type of water, though I recommend either distilled or spring water.

In the Vibration Database part of the App I’ve created two custom settings for water structuring. I also suggest you try a frequency of 306Hz for treating headaches too.

Using the H2O App >

  1. Use either distilled or still spring water. If the water has been sitting for a while use a water structuring setting from the Vibration Database to give it some energy before going onto the next step.
  2. Open the Custom Vibration option and try a frequency of 144Hz or 306Hz, or combine both.

H2O App Launching Summer 2017

The first design milestone has just been completed successfully with the Chakra, Solfeggio and Sacred Geometry sections being implemented.

To the right is a screenshot of how the app currently looks on the iOS platform on an iPhone 6.

Next to code are the Vibration and Custom sections along with implementing server side database functionality.

Current feeling is that the app should be live by July / August 2017.