A Neptune Meditation with the H2O App

Neptune meditation with the H2O appTo the followers of ancient wisdom, Neptune is the powerful god that rules the oceans and seas, whose vast depths we still do not fully know. Neptune symbolises our individual connection with what we perceive as the Divine and represents a spark of infinity somewhere deep within us. His three pronged trident was adopted as the planet Neptune’s astrological symbol.

In psychological terms, the oceans governed by Neptune represent our collective unconscious in which all beings participate. By it’s very nature – unconsciousness – this mysterious realm can be understood best through our dreams, intuition or deep immersion in meditative states.

In these days of Saturnic domination (see this interesting video by David Icke), the planet Neptune brings a welcome contrast to Saturn’s love of structure and discipline, by dissolving his controlling seriousness and replacing it with an intuitive imagination that brings formlessness and a complete loss of ego.

DissolvingIf you practice meditation in any form, the altered state of consciousness produced by inner contemplation is symbolised by Neptune. So is the altered state of consciousness produced by drugs or alcohol. There are many shades of the Neptunian experience.

Neptune rules the astrological sign of Pisces and takes a little under 165 years to orbit the sun. The planet currently resides in it’s ruling house which means it is currently very powerful for any types of meditation and astrological magic you may choose to do. You can use the H2O App’s Neptune sound frequency (found in the Vibration Database) to attune yourself to the planetary frequency of Neptune.

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