How to ground yourself using the Schumann Resonances

stressMany of us live busy, hectic and stressful lives with less and less time being available to us to properly relax, unwind and de-stress. Once the daily grind is over and our chores are done, most of us just want to zone out and have some ‘me time’.

Ideally we could get out into nature and ground ourselves properly by reconnecting with all she has to offer. This is a great way to de-stress, but many of us are so tired that we just flop down in front of our TVs and phones and try to disconnect that way. This is a poor substitute though as we are still surrounded by most of the things that are stressing us out ! plus we have the added programming from our TV, the regular beeps from our phone and the electro smog in the form of mobile and Wi-Fi signals that surround us.

With all this is it any surprise that many of us are ungrounded?

So, how do you know if you’re ungrounded?

Here are some symptoms –

  1. You find it difficult to focus and are tetchy and irritable
  2. There are not enough hours in the day
  3. You’ve so much stuff to do !
  4. It’s difficult for you to switch off
  5. You start new projects before finishing old ones
  6. You are easily distracted and forgetful

Now let me tell you about the Schumann Resonances…

The Schumann Resonances are the Earth’s naturally generated electro-magnetic frequencies that surround us. For those of us who subscribe to the planet as a living and conscious being, the Schumann Resonances represent the ‘heartbeat’ of Mother Earth herself, and as such they have a direct effect on all life on planet Earth.

Unfortunately with the advent of Wi-Fi, smart metres, 3G, 4G and now 5G phone signals, most built up areas have high amounts of electro-smog that interfere with our energetic bodies. Getting out into nature means we escape from much of this electro-smog allowing our energetic bodies to breathe again and us to ground ourselves.

ground yourself in natureGround yourself in nature

Grounding yourself will reconnect you to Earth energy and make you feel balanced again. The easiest way to do this is to enjoy a slow relaxing walk in nature. Go the the seaside, the woods or a park. Take time to look around and touch the trees and plants. Slow down. Look at the beauty of the flowers. Watch how the water in the stream moves effortlessly across the stones and rocks in it’s path. There is a lesson here. Life shouldn’t be a struggle, it should just flow. Reconnect. Your mood will lift. You’ll feel calmer, more relaxed and yes, grounded. If you can, take your shoes and socks off and actually feel the earth on the soles of your feet, what a wonderfully connecting feeling!

Using the H2O App to ground yourself

Using the H2O app to program crystals
Above: Programming some black obsidian, citrine and amethyst crystals with the H20 app. Use the 3 minute setting when programming.

Many of us lead busy lives and can’t get out into nature at the end of the day. So, another way of grounding ourselves is to use the H2O app and program some water or crystals with the Schumann Resonances.

As quartz crystal is a natural frequency amplifier, you might like to program the Schumann Resonances into a crystal and carry it around with you. The more energy sensitive you become the more you’ll feel the Schumann Resonances simply by holding a programmed crystal.

Using the App

Premium: Get the full benefit of all 5 main Schumann Resonances simultaneously by using the Vibration Database (Main Menu > Vibration Database > Schumann Resonances)

Free: The ‘main’ Schumann frequency is 7.83Hz, if you don’t want to use the premium Vibration Database, use the Custom Vibration option instead with a value of 7.83Hz. (Main Menu > Custom Vibration)

For full instructions and demonstrations of how to program crystals and water go to the H2O homepage here.

Tip: Try carrying a programmed crystal &/or drinking programmed water for 21 days and see the difference.

i can't hearDon’t worry if you can’t hear anything when you use the App with the Schumann Resonances¬† as they are very low frequency sounds that are almost impossible to hear. You can feel them though – attach a vibration speaker to a plastic beaker of water, press play and you’ll feel the vibrations traveling through the water.

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