The dramatic effects of sound frequency on growing Cress seeds

Experiment in growing cress using water programmed to 417Hz (small pic)(Click photo to enlarge)

Take 2 identical trays of cress seeds. Water one with normal mineral water, and the other with the same water but first expose it for one minute to a sound frequency of 417Hz.
The Result: The cress seeds exposed to the 417Hz frequency grow better and more prolifically…

In a recent blog post (here) I discussed how to use the Solfeggio frequency of 417Hz to successfully clear a room of negative energy using the H2O App.

Encouraged by the results of this test I decided to see what would happen if I grew some cress seeds with water programmed to 417Hz. I’m now almost two weeks into the experiment and here are the results so far…

The Experiment

Monday 24/7/17 – Experiment Started

I bought some mineral water from a local supermarket and set up two identical trays, both lined with kitchen roll to retain the moisture and sprinkled cress seeds in both.
Both trays are watered daily with mineral water, but before I water the second tray, I program it with a frequency of 417Hz.

Saturday 29/7/17
5 days into the experiment and you can already see a noticeable difference:

Cress experiment with structured water photo 1 (sml)(Click to enlarge the photo)

Thursday 3/8/17
10 days in…

Cress experiment with structured water photo 2 (sml)(Click to enlarge)

Programming sound into water using the H2O appHow did I program the water ?

I poured a small amount into a plastic cup, opened the H2O water programming App and choose the Solfeggio menu option.
Solfeggio Tones > 417Hz – RE Letting the Past Go > Time: 1 minute
I then stood the cup on the phone, turned the volume up, set the intention to clear any negative energy from the water and played the tone. This sent the frequency of 417Hz into the water, programming it.

Solfeggio 417Hz - RE | H2O appWhy the 417Hz frequency?

417Hz is a frequency associated with change – clearing negativity and unwanted energy. By using it on water I am clearing the unwanted energy that the water has accumulated since being taken from the natural spring where it was sourced. So rather than ‘supercharging’ the water with a positive frequency, I am removing the negative energies from it and returning it to it’s natural state.

A packet of cress seedsTry it yourself

It’s an easy experiment to do and will cost you very little, but more importantly you’ll prove to yourself that frequency programmed into water has visible effects. The implications of this are jaw dropping. Water is everywhere, by programming it with love and gratitude we can raise the cosmic consciousness of the planet. Think about it.


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Further extremely interesting reading

Numerically the Solfeggio tones all reduce down to a 3, 6 or 9 (eg. 417 = 4+1+7 = 12 = 1+2 + 3, 528 = 5+2+8 = 15 = 1+5 = 6, 639 = 6+3+9 = 18 = 1+8 = 9).

Nikola Tesla, the genius of the late 19th and early 20th century whose work was suppressed by first JP Morgan and then the US Government said the following: “If you only knew the magnificence of the three, the six and the nine… then you would have a key to the universe.”

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