Programming Crystals with the H2O App

Programming frequency and vibration into water isn’t the only thing you can do with the H2O app, it’s also great for programming crystals.

lightbulbYou’ve probably got some crystals at home, so why not program them with some positive energies? You can then put them around the house or carry them around with you.

crystalsWhat type of crystal should I use?

As you may know, different crystals have different properties and uses. For example, rose quartz is associated with unconditional love and the heart chakra, whilst amethyst is commonly used to aid psychic development and intuition. A good “all rounder” is plain quartz which can be used for just about anything. So, if in doubt, use a plain quartz crystal and you won’t go wrong.

Popular Uses

Program crystals with your own frequencies or use one of the many available presets in the H2O app. Here are 4 popular uses for programmed crystals:

  • healing with crystalsHealing – The use of crystals to amplify energies is well known and many types of healers from Reiki Masters to native American shamans use the properties of crystals to boost their healing.
  • Chakra balancing – Program a crystal with the chakra frequency you wish to work on and you can carry the crystal around with you, meditate with it, give it to a friend in need etc.
  • crystal and tarotAstrology / Divination / Tarot – Use a planetary crystal programmed with one of the planetary resonances from the Vibration Database. For example if you were wanting to work with the energy of the sun, use a suitable crystal such as sunstone or quartz, place it over the App’s mandala and choose the SUN preset.
  • Changing the mood – Try programming some crystals with a specific Solfeggio tone and place them around the house or carry them around with you. For example: Use the Solfeggio 639Hz FA setting on a handful of quartz crystals and see how you get on with your friends and loved ones !
Using the H2O app to program crystals
Above: Programming some black obsidian, citrine and amethyst crystals with the H20 app. Use the 3 minute setting when programming.

Question: I have some large pieces of crystal I’d like to program but am nervious of putting them on my phone in case the screen breaks, what can I do?
Answer: Good thinking, don’t risk breaking your screen – instead use a vibration speaker to transfer the energy into the crystal.

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Treating Cystitis and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI’s) with sound

A friend told me yesterday that she believed she had the early symptoms of a urinary tract infection or UTI. A very common UTI is cystitis and since she’s suffered from it in the past she was keen to nip the infection in bud to prevent it developing.

UTI symptoms
She usually treats UTI’s by significantly increasing her water intake and drinking lots of cranberry juice, and this time wondered if there was also a sound frequency that could be used.

Using the App’s ‘Custom Vibration’ option I chose two frequencies to play concurrently, 1550Hz and 246Hz. Three times daily I am using 200ml of distilled water and putting these frequencies into it, she is drinking the water as soon as it is programmed.


Sound Healing with Tuning Forks

Book: Tuning the human biofieldI’ve recently read  Eileen McKusick’s book “Tuning the Human Biofield – Healing with Vibrational Sound Therapy”,  in which she discusses the use of the sound produced by various tuning forks to detect and then manipulate the energy that surrounds us.

In one of the book’s chapters called “The Anatomy of the Biofield” she works with tuning forks from both the  Solfeggio and harmonic spectrums to influence specific chakras (or ‘energy centres’) of the body.

It’s possible to use the H2O app to mimic the frequencies of both these types of tuning fork.

Use the ‘Solfeggio Tones’ option from the Main Menu to reproduce the frequencies made by Solfeggio forks, and the ‘Custom Vibration’ option from the Main Menu to do the same for the harmonic frequencies.

Watch the video below to find out more about her tuning fork techniques.

Treating a headache with the H2O App

HeadacheWhilst I was developing the idea for this App, I had a couple of weeks where I was suffering from headaches.

I wanted to see if I could treat the headache with a water frequency instead.

I knew that a frequency of 144Hz was often beneficial so I used what was to become the App’s ‘Custom Vibration’ option to put that frequency into the water.

I used approximately 200ml of distilled water and a programming time of 30 seconds. Immediately after the programming was finished I drank the water. You can use any type of water, though I recommend either distilled or spring water.

In the Vibration Database part of the App I’ve created two custom settings for water structuring. I also suggest you try a frequency of 306Hz for treating headaches too.

Using the H2O App >

  1. Use either distilled or still spring water. If the water has been sitting for a while use a water structuring setting from the Vibration Database to give it some energy before going onto the next step.
  2. Open the Custom Vibration option and try a frequency of 144Hz or 306Hz, or combine both.

H2O App Launching Summer 2017

The first design milestone has just been completed successfully with the Chakra, Solfeggio and Sacred Geometry sections being implemented.

To the right is a screenshot of how the app currently looks on the iOS platform on an iPhone 6.

Next to code are the Vibration and Custom sections along with implementing server side database functionality.

Current feeling is that the app should be live by July / August 2017.