Ancient Egypt – Saqqara Sound Healing Temple

The ancient Egyptian complex at Saqqara is believed by many indigenous wisdom keepers (amongst them Ab’del Hakim Awyan, known to many for his illuminating contributions to The Pyramid Code) to contain a sound healing temple.

Along the remains of the western wall close to the Step Pyramid are 5 resonating sound chambers which continue to function to this day. Producing a frequency of 110-111hz, a visitor simply needs to place their head inside one of these chambers to hear the sound that is naturally produced by this temple. There are five of these sound chambers at Saqqara and their location is circled in red on the map below.

Saqqara healing temple location

110-111hz is known as the ‘healing frequency’ as it causes the right side of the brain associated with the Divine Feminine and characteristics including creativity, beauty, intuition and higher consciousness to activate. Charge your water with this frequency or simply tone along with it in a meditative fashion.

The sound below was recorded inside one of these sound chambers at Saqqara in November 2018…

…and here’s the reading we took at the temple using a sound frequency detection app:

saqqara sound healing 110.26z

For those of you who wish to tone along, you may find it easier to hit the right note if you play the sound below which I generated on a tone generator


Here’s what 111hz looks like cymatically

111hz cymatic